The Big Cheese

After months of talking about it, Allison, Mike and I finally went to Blackcat to take down “The Big Cheese.” For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, “The Big Cheese” is a 500 gram patty, four slices of cheese, six slices of bacon, three tomatoes, one onion, one head of butter lettuce and one pickle served on a jumbo toasted sesame seed bun for a total of 1.5 kilos! We had really psyched ourselves up for the challenge and I have to admit we were a little disappointed with how easy it was. We finished the burger in less than 10 minutes, ordered a plate of french fries, and even after that were still kind of hungry. Three people eating “The Big Cheese” isn’t so hard, so maybe if we are up for it sometime we’ll tackle the burger in pairs.

Even though the burger didn’t live up to our expectations (I think we were hoping it was going to be something like Man vs. Food), it tasted damn good. I think that Blackcat has the best burgers in all of Saigon and “The Big Cheese” did not disappoint. In addition to having great burgers, Blackcat makes really good Mexican food. So if you are in Saigon and craving some Western food, Blackcat is a place you must check out!

My portion of "The Big Cheese"

Allison with the burger

Mike with the burger

Me with the burger

All done! No big deal!

Blackcat is located at 13 Phan Van Dat, District 1.


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  1. Yeesh.
    I hope you’re taking some fiber supplements or something!

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