Miến Gà: Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

Even though it gets really hot in Vietnam, people love soup here. Various types of soup noodles are usually served as a breakfast dish, but there are plenty of soup places that are open for lunch, dinner and late night snacks. When I first got to Vietnam I wrote an entry about the most popular and well known soup dish in Vietnam: pho. And while pho is delicious, we shouldn’t forget about other types of soup noodles that exist in Vietnam. I hope to introduce you guys to numerous noodle soups on this blog, and we will start with one of my favorites: miến gà.

Miến Gà (Miến means glass noodles and means chicken) is the Vietnamese version of chicken noodle soup. Glass noodles are also sometimes referred to as cellophane noodles because once they are cooked, they resemble cellophane. The noodles are made from a plant called Canna, which is one of the worlds richest starch sources.

Canna Plant

Miến Gà is made with a chicken based broth and is usually served with noodles, chicken, scallions, bean sprouts and onions.  There is a soup shop about 5 minutes from my house that I get my Miến Gà from. In addition to Miến Gà they make pho and other types of noodle soups.  The service there is really fast and I often go there on the weekends after my morning classes so I can eat a quick lunch and then take a nap before my afternoon/night classes. In addition, the place is usually packed with locals so that’s always a good sign. A bowl of Miến Gà is 24,000 VND (a little over $1). Grab a bowl the next time you are on Ky Dong Street.

I don't know the actual name....I just call it the soup noodle place

Seating area

Miến Gà

Glass noodles aka cellophane noodles

The Noodle Soup Place is located at 14/5 bis Ky Dong. Right across from the Vietcombank down the 14 Ky Dong alley.

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