Oh Mo Lin!

So I received the funniest email from my mother recently. Even when I’m all the way across the world she still has ways to keep tabs on my health and eating habits.

First, take a look at some of my recent tweets.

Now read her email.

Hi, Stranger!

There seems to be a disconnect in the following series of tweets:

Chocolate chip pancakes for an afternoon snack…

Time to hit the gym.  too many … have called me fat … (okay, that follows)…

i could really use some usdan brunch right now. #…hangover (alcohol is very high in empty calories)…

want to learn about food…?    (maybe newer blog entries can start focusing on a low-fat, more plant-based diet)

Know what I mean?  I would suggest continuing to enjoy the good food and adventurous eating, but watch the portion sizes and try to follow Brandon’s practice of eating until 80% fullness at most.  That way you’ll also always have room to try something else yummy that comes along!

HOW ARE YOU???  Love you!

Mom  🙂
P.S.  I’m going for the typhoid and polio shots tomorrow.

Oh Mo Lin! Always giving out good advice…THANKS MOM!! (Jeremy, what do you think?)



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4 responses to “Oh Mo Lin!

  1. Your Mom is a wise woman.
    Go with the “Brandon-rule” – 80%.

  2. So I’m assuming you haven’t mentioned 10 tacos or the Fat Cat burger?

  3. Kir

    I concur, Your mom is totally. Your blog is acting like a good diary. When you look at it in total….
    With that said….It’s much more interesting to read blog entries about delicious, rich, amazing food than veggies…so keep on posting! MISS YOU S!

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