La Camargue Restaurant

Tucked away in a tiny alley off of Hai Ba Trung lies La Camargue, a French restaurant with stylish decor and delicious food. I was given the opportunity to eat there last night for a farewell dinner for Ashley’s family, who have been traveling around Southeast Asia this past month. The dining room is on the second floor of the restaurant and has a very open and airy feel due to the fact that there are no walls separating you from the outdoors. During this time of year the temperature is pleasantly cool at night, so we were able to enjoy the nice Saigon weather while we ate.

Everyone was pretty hungry so we started out our meal with a couple bottles of red wine and a bunch of appetizers. I had a bowl of gratinated french onion soup, which really hit the spot because I haven’t had a good bowl of western style soup since I’ve been here. The serving size was huge and it came with 4 large croutons baked with cheese. As a table we also shared a couple plates of raw fresh tuna tartar flavored with wasabi, dill, capers and sesame seeds and scallops flamed in cognac. As soon as you bit into the tuna you could taste the wasabi and it was great with the balsamic infused salad. However, my favorite appetizer was the scallops. They were perfectly done and melted in your mouth when you ate them. Since the restaurant was so dark my pictures didn’t come out very well. I have yet to master how to snap good pictures of food in dim places, but this will at least give you an idea of the appetizers.

gratinated french onion soup

scallops flamed in cognac

raw fresh tuna tartar flavored with wasabi, dill, capers and sesame seeds

I was kind of full after eating all those appetizers, but there was no way I was going to let that stop me from eating my main course. I love steak and for the past few weeks I haven’t been able to stop thinking of eating a nice juicy slab of red meat. So when I saw grilled beef tenderloin with panfried duck liver, croquettes of potato and cheddar and asparagus tips on the menu, I had to order it. I asked for the beef to be cooked medium and it came out exactly how I wanted it to. The foie gras was delicate and delicious and the sauce over the duck and beef was so rich and tasty. The entree definitely satisfied my red meat craving.

grilled beef tenderloin with panfried duck liver, corquettes of potato and cheddar and asparagus tips

how good does that meat look?

So after we finished our main courses I was so unbelievably full, but Ashley and her sister insisted on getting some dessert for the table so we shared a couple dishes. One of them was a creamy chocolate cake with passion fruit sauce and the other a nice banana mousse. I had a bite of each and I wish I hadn’t been so full because I would have loved to eat more of it.

chocolate dessert

banana mousse

We had a lovely meal and I would recommend going to La Camargue. It’s definitely one of the more expensive restaurants in town (mains running from between $10-$25), but I would deem it worthy for a special occasion. Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll be updating this thing more frequently!

La Camargue is located at 191 Hai Ba Trung, District 3.


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  1. I can feel my arteries congealing after this blogpost – looks tasty!

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