My life is so strange

I wrote that last entry 10 days ago and oh my so much has changed since then!

First, Annie and I moved into a new apartment! It was great living with Rhona and Dana, but it’s nearly impossible to find a four person apartment and we didn’t feel safe living in a house anymore. So came the unfortunate breaking of the fellowship (Jeremy, that was for you) and now Annie and I are in a two bedroom apartment and Rhona and Dana are in a different two bedroom apartment. The apartment Annie and I moved into is actually very close to our old house, so we know the neighborhood and it’s very close to work. We live along the canal in a huge apartment building which is sometimes called the United Nations because so many foreigners live there. Definitely a good thing. Plus we are very high up so it feels much more safe than the house. The apartment itself is kind of sterile right now and it feels like we are living in a hotel, but once we start decorating I think it’s going to be a great place to live. Oh and a very important detail about the apartment is we signed a YEAR lease which means I will be here until at least next January…eeee!!!!

Second, Annie and I are no longer going to Malaysia over Tet. We put down a rather large deposit on our new place and cash is kind of tight these days because we’ve really only  had one real pay check since we got here. When I go to Malaysia I want to do it up big so I think I’m going to wait till I have a little more money saved up and can really take in everything there. I still have over two weeks off of work so I’m going to get a MOTORBIKE over Tet and learn how to drive! Everyone leaves the city during the holiday to go back to their hometowns in the countryside so the traffic here won’t be as crazy as usual. I’m also going to do stuff  like find a gym to join, buy kitchen stuff, organize my bedroom, etc etc. Basically, set up my life here. It’s been tough to do that because I’ve been without my passport these past couple weeks. My school has it because they are extending my Visa and getting me a work permit. However,  you need your passport here to do EVERYTHING, so I’ve been kind of limited in what I can and can’t do. I have been borrowing money for the past couple weeks because I have literally no way to access cash right now. I don’t have an ATM card for my Vietnamese bank yet, and in order to take out money from my account I need to show my passport. My U.S bank card was stolen when our house was broken into so I can’t even get money out of that account. It’s all just terrible timing! But (cross your fingers), I am supposedly getting my passport back today so I can finally start getting things together here.

Despite all of this, things here are not bad. I feel like Tet is going to be the perfect time to just organize my life here and I am excited about it. I still don’t have a computer so I can’t upload any of my pictures, but I will leave you a couple pictures Annie took. This is the view from our apartment. We face the west side of the city so it’s mostly residential.

Sunset in Saigon

These colors are out of control!!!

So pretty, right?!?! Way better view than the shitty alley that used to be outside my old window. Oh, and the day we left Annie and I saw used needles in the alley, NOT OK!!! The people that came into my room were probably crazy heroin addicts!! Just kidding, but maybe not…



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2 responses to “My life is so strange

  1. Alaina

    i love you!! pretty view 🙂 i’m happy you moved to a safer apartment… but really sad i won’t see you for another year.. but maybe that just means i really have to visit… mauahahah. i miss you too much 😦

  2. “But Sam – YOU CAN’T SWIM!”

    Good update. Glad you got a new place. Hope you get settled there well. I can’t believe that you’re going to be there for one year!

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