Quan 94 Restaurant

Not to be confused with Quan 94 located at 94 Dinh Tien Hong Street, Quan 94 located at 84 Dien Tien Hong Street is regarded by numerous food bloggers as the best soft shell crab joint in HCMC. Why there are two restaurants with the same name selling the same food literally 20 meters away from each other is beyond me. They are trying to trick you! It’s just like the two Halal Carts on 53rd and 6th in NYC…i STILL don’t know which is the better one to go to. Luckily my father reads “Midtown Lunch” like it’s the bible so he always knows where to go. But without him here I am forced to figure these things out on my own! (Well I have Ashley who is so on top of reading food blogs, it’s great!) Anyways, Quan 94.

The kitchen is pretty much right on the street so in addition to platters of live crab about to be cooked, it’s the first thing you see when you enter the restaurant. Lots of restaurants here don’t have doors or walls in the front so everything opens up right onto the sidewalk.

Quan 94 Kitchen

Crabs soon to be eaten

There were five of us eating so we ordered 2 plates of glass noodles sauteed with crab (mien xao cua), 1 plate of crab fried rice, 1 plate of soft shell crab with tamarind (cua lot xao me), 1 plate of battered and deep fried soft shell crab (cua lot chien bot) and 1 plate of crab stuffed egg rolls (chia io cua). The deep fried crab, noodles and rice all came out first so I had a couple bowls of that to start. The deep fried crab was probably my favorite dish. The batter was the perfect consistency and the crab meat was fresh and tasty. I dipped the crab into the sweet chili sauce they provided which made it even better.

glass noodles sauteed with crab

My bowl of deep fried soft shell crab and noodles

We ate the noodles, rice and deep fried crab in probably less than 10 minutes and then moved onto our second set of dishes: the crab with tamarind and egg rolls. The crab with tamarind was covered in a sweet sauce and topped off with fried onions. The egg rolls had crab meat and crab meat only inside.

Soft shell crab with tamarind

My bowl of crab with tamarind and an egg roll

Close up of egg roll

I think in this case, the pictures do most of the talking. If you come visit me this will be one of the first places I take you.



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4 responses to “Quan 94 Restaurant

  1. Alaina Ching

    ahh those crabbys look sad 😦 i feel bad for them!


  2. sam

    may i ask how do you go there? Taxi? or is it hard to find if we walk.. and do they have a menu in english? thanks

  3. If you show a taxi driver the address (84 Dien Tien Hong), he should be able to take you there! Good luck!

  4. And I forget if they have an English menu. I would guess they probably do, though.

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