Crown Restaurant

Hidden at the back of a quiet alley off of Vo Van Tan Street is Crown Restaurant, which offers Vietnamese Fine Dining and has a spacious dining room and beautiful bar. The atmosphere is relaxing and trendy. Linh, one of the LanguageCorps instructors, took me and my friend Ashley there for lunch and for 28,000 VND we each got a plate of fresh rice noodles and grilled pork served in a delicious sauce. In Vietnamese the dish is called bun thit nuong. The noodles and pork came out separately and Linh instructed us to put our noodles into the pork sauce. Like most dishes in Vietnam, we were also given lettuce and a variety of herbs to add to our food. If you like grilled or barbecued meat, this meal is perfect for you. The spices they use on the meat are excellent and I thought that it was grilled to an ideal tenderness. Definitely cooked but not overdone in the least. The portions aren’t that big, but it’s enough to fill you up. In addition to the pork and noodles, we ordered some fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls to share. The spring rolls are rolled in rice paper and have shrimp, pork, lettuce and herbs inside. They are served with a peanut sauce for dipping. Each roll is 8,000 VND so my check came out to a total of 36,000 VND (under $2 USD).

The three of us had a lovely meal and for the cheap price, good food and ambiance, I definitely recommend this place. Here are some pictures.

bun thit nuong

Noodles and Pork mixed together

Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp, Pork, Lettuce and Herbs

Crown Restaurant is located at 50/48A Vo Van Tan Street. Ward 6, District 3.



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  1. alaina

    this spring rolls look familiar hahaha

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