Beto Restaurant

Beto restaurant

Located on 57 Vo Van Tan St. District 3, and only a thirty second walk from the LanguageCorps headquarters, Beto makes for the perfect quick lunch. For only 36,000 VND (a little under $2) you can get a four-course meal and a complementary iced tea. You pick a meat/protein, vegetable, soup and salad.  There are 28 meat/protein, 8 vegetable, 5 soup and 4 salad choices to pick from. So far I have tried the Grilled Chicken with lemongrass and Korean style grilled pork ribs for my meat/protein option. The pork ribs tasted like real Korean BBQ and the chicken, although somewhat plain on it’s own, was very tasty with the lemongrass sauce. The chicken also has a nice crispy skin that is a perfect complement to the tender meat. Both meats came with bone so my hands got pretty messy trying to pick off the meat, but it was definitely worth it. Here are the ribs and chicken.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Lemongrass Chicken

For my vegetable choice I’ve been sticking with the stir-fried water spinach with garlic. I love cooked spinach and garlic helps ward off mosquitoes so I’m ok with ordering this dish every time. For soup I usually order the tofu and tomato soup. In addition to tofu and tomato, the soup has some bits of egg and what I think is ground beef. It’s a good combination. The salad is OK but definitely the least impressive part of the meal. I order the Russian Salad and it is pretty much cole slaw. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

Stir fried water spinach

tomato and tofu soup

Russian salad

You get a pretty good amount of food for what you pay, but I don’t doubt you can find a better deal elsewhere.  However, other places with cheaper prices probably aren’t as clean. The tables and floors are almost pristine, the silverware comes wrapped up and the furniture appears relatively new. The service is also very fast. Your food is on the table a couple minutes after you order. Even when you show up in large groups there are always enough tables to comfortably accommodate you and the service is still quick.

I have already eaten here four times and I can see myself making the trip back even after I stop taking classes two doors away.



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5 responses to “Beto Restaurant

  1. Alaina

    that is so much food for under $2!! i paid $3 for a diet coke at the cheesecake factory… that makes me feel really bad about myself.

  2. eddie hebl

    mmm that looks yummy! i wish i lived there

  3. Joshua

    Amy!! I just stumbled across your FB page and then saw this fantastic blog. I’m finally back at Wes and I am taking Chinese! It’s so much work… like seriously so much work. I can’t believe you’re in Vietnam! I’m totally jealous and now I’m definitely considering a similar experience. Did you choose Vietnam for a specific reason? I’ve heard the program in China is very rigid. Oh this is Josh from your freshman year that kind of disappeared for a bit.
    P.S. Get better soon!

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